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AQUAVX WATER & WASTEWATER MONITORING SOLUTIONS Aquavx is the SCADA alternative for water and wastewater utilities and operators. Offered at the cost of an auto-dialer, Aquavx enables customers to accurately monitor and control their equipment and streamline operations with increasingly fewer resources. Through a partnership between Antx and M2M Data Corporation, Aquavx is built on 35 years of combined experience in the water/wastewater industry and hosted communications and monitoring technology market. Unmatched in its service features and the added value it brings to customers, Aquavx is the trusted brand in water asset management services.

We take a different approach to monitoring and controlling your lift stations, tanks, pumps, and wells by delivering a complete solution. You get everything you need: hardware and service with simple installation instructions to get you up and running in just a few hours. Whether you manage a single site or multiple, water or wastewater, Aquavx has the right remote monitoring system for you.

As a SCADA alternative, we use cellular and satellite based communication technologies instead of using expensive private radio networks. In most cases it even costs less than the phone line for a traditional autodialer. Aquavx is a hosted solution so you get everything you need without the hassle of installing and maintaining software. You get the reports, notifications, and analytics you need without pricey customization. Its easy to configure so you get all of the information you need with none of the useless data you dont. Its not SCADA, its Aquavx.

For those of you who are already using SCADA, Aquavx might be the perfect supplement.
Assets we monitor include:
  • Lift stations
  • Small sanitation plants
  • Water tanks
  • Wells
  •  Distribution
  • Turn key SCADA Solution
  • 99.5% service level agreement and
  • 24 x 7 x 365 support


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