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GE MDS...Global wireless solutions. Industrial Wireless Performance.

For nearly two decades, Microwave Data Systems (MDS) has been providing highly secure, industrial strength mission critical wireless communications solutions for a broad spectrum of public and private sector clients worldwide. With an installed base approaching 1,000,000 radios in 110 countries, MDS offers both licensed and license-free solutions with applications in SCADA, telemetry, public safety, telecommunications, and online transaction markets.  As a full channel partner of GE MDS, Magyar and Associates is equipped to assist you in developing a wireless solution for your application.

MDS SD Series MDS Orbit 

MDS SD Series

Long range IP/Ethernet & Serial

Backward Compatible with all x710 radios

  • High speed, up to 65 Kbps in 50 KHz channel in SD2 and SD9
  • Operate IP/Ethernet and serial communication on a single network
  • Connect multiple host systems to a single Access Point radio
  • Connect multiple devices to a single remote radio
  • Implement push communication and report by exception from remote devices
  • Simple, intuitive web based configuration and maintenance
  • Easy migration path from serial to IP/Ethernet
  • Backward compatible with existing MDS x710 networks

MDS Orbit Platform

Converged Communications for Hybrid Networks

  • Integrates technologies: Cellular, private, licensed, unlicensed
  • Comprehensive security framework
  • Networking capabilities extend and simplify communications infrastructure
  • Consistent packaging and configuration streamlines engineering, operations, supply chain and support.

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